Become a Totsy!

The Hotsy Totsys train for 2 hours about every other Saturday in a fantastic dance studio in the very centre of Manchester.

All abilities, shapes and sizes are welcome (and we choose costumes that reflect this). The most desirable attribute in an HOTSY TOTSY gal is commitment – No one is expected to be amazing, just enthusiastic 😉 It’s great to learn some authentic vernacular Jazz with purpose!

Fees are similar to a gym membership or a club subscription – Totsys are expected to pay for four sessions at a time, which works out at around £45 every 8 weeks. As commitment is key, we want to have you around for a minimum of 2 cycles. Have a look at the rehearsal dates coming up, can you make at least 2 per cycle?

Hotsy Totsy Try Outs happen several times a year – this will be a two hour class taught by our director, Taina – you’ll get to try it out and see if it’s for you, and we’ll get to try you out and see if you’ve got what it takes (the ability to smile after hours of Jazz dance, mostly)! If you missed a try out date, you can either

  • Jump in on any session of the Cycle. (Please note that others will have learned parts of the routine already – as long as you are ok with this, we are happy to have you try it out.) Please get in touch with Taina, so we know to expect you!
    • This will cost £10, and if you decide to sign up, the £10 will be redeemable against your first Totsy subs (reduced fee for the cycle if you join later on, ask for details)
  • OR wait for the next Try Out Date

Interested in hearing more about the Totsys?

Please use the form below, we can’t wait to hear from you! Alternatively you can call / text Taina on 079 497 43 549